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  • 3:54 May Bucket Filler

    A Bucket Filler is a student who is always filling up someone else's bucket with kind words and good deeds. This student is randomly picked from slips that are put into a bucket every Day 6. The students get a slip each week as long as they have not gotten a PROUD slip for missed homework or poor behavior choices. The Bucket Fillers for May from my classroom were Kadyn Galbraith and Jacory Close (Mrs. Sheller's student, too). They enjoyed a quiet lunch in the library with the other students chosen for Bucket Filler. Congratulations!

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    Uploaded Jun 02, 2019by Paula Bauer
  • 3:08 Global Day of Design

    Students participated in the Global Day of Design on May 6, 2019. There were many amazing projects created and students really stepped up to the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) challenge. Watch the video to see some examples of projects from several classes at SSMSES.

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    Uploaded Jun 02, 2019by Paula Bauer
  • 3:40 Flag Ceremony

    On Friday, May 17, 2019 the students at South St. Marys St. Elementary School participated in a Flag Ceremony. They watched the proper procedure for destroying an American flag after it is beyond use. Veterans of the Armed Forces participated in this ceremony and we were happy to participate.

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    Uploaded Jun 01, 2019by Paula Bauer

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